Vampire- The Masquerade: Season 1

Episode 1: Some nights.... doesn't pay to be dead

Gwendolyn LaVoir ( Annie)
Cassandra Jones ( Laura)
Liam Ryan ( Joe)

Normally a boring evening, tonight’s court actually showed some promise. The “Prince” Aria Lechance was her normal boring self, though three new Kindred were introduced into the city. The Malkavian was presented by her mad-boy sire. The Tremere, finally graduated, was presented by her preceptor. She insulted one of the harpies, they won’t forget that. Perhaps a favor could be gained there.

The newcomer seems to be trouble, a Brujah by the name of Liam. He looks respectable on the outside, was a politician in life. Will need to watch out for him.

Sources say they were presented with a note, something directing them to join the dog hunt that night. A bold move, I’ll have to have my ghouls whipped for not establishing which of the players it was.

Turns out though, that they managed to not meet the final death by tooth and claw, seems Malcom Denver, the sheriff took a liking to the daft fools. Well, they tend to flock together now don’t they.

The neonates seem to have a knack for survival though, what appears to be a sabbat pack ambushed the coterie while they were in a cab. Ran an 18 wheeler right into to, then set it ablaze with a Molotov. Though this created an even stranger set of bedfellows, the sheriff suggested they find out who attacked them.

Someone has it out for these three, time to find out who.

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